With this Reiki Level 1 - Home Study Course, you will learn how to provide Energetic Support to yourself, children, family, and friends. Learning Reiki is a lot easier than many believe. Reiki is one of the simplest therapies that we can learn and immediately put to use.

Reiki Hands

The use of our hands and touch is an instinctual way of providing feelings of ‘wellness’. By learning Reiki, we become more aware of what our hands are capable of, and of how we can direct this energy to the assistance of states of balance. 

As a mother I have used this art countless amounts of times with myself, my children, pets, friends, and family.

You will be able to:

• Give yourself, kids, family, friends, and pets Reiki Sessions

• Naturally provide energetic support towards health and wellbeing

For Kids:

  • Assist them to feel more grounded in their physical body
  • Particularly helpful for ADHD, ADD, HSP, Special Needs, etc.

If you are a massage or body therapist:

  • You can add Reiki Sessions as an option for your clients